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Plant Animal Relationship (पौध पशु सम्बन्ध विभाग)

The Plant Animal Relationship Division started operating in the year 1967 to carry out the research in forage evaluation, preservation and utilization for optimum and economical production in ruminants including the small ruminants for effective use of pasture/grasslands. Keeping in view the projected demand and supply of feeds and fodders, scientists of this division are engaged in the multidisciplinary research programme related to evaluation of newly developed forage varieties both in laboratory as well as farm conditions with animals.


icon Nutritional evaluation of forages including antiquality factors under different forage production systems

icon Enrichment/ improvement of poor quality roughages

icon Development of feeding strategies for different types of livestock in relation to available fodder & feed resources

Thrust Area

icon Evaluation of forage resources

icon Feeding management of livestock for sustainable economic production

icon Development of feeding systems for organic livestock raising

Working Groups

icon Animal Nutrition

icon Forage Conservation

icon Livestock Production & Management

icon Forage Quality Evaluation

Major Accomplishments

icon Development of forage/ forage based feeding systems for medium yielding lactating cows/buffaloes to sustain milk yield upto 10 kg/day

icon Forage based feeding systems with low cost concentrates for high yielding dairy animals reducing around 20% in feed cost per kg of milk

icon Rotational system of grazing practices for sustainable grassland and animal production realizing the highest net returns (Rs. 15087=00/ha) in a year

icon Feeding of dietary protein with RDP to UDP ( 50:50 )can save 15% protein from the diet of lactating Murrah buffaloes without affecting intake, and milk yield (5-6 kg/d)