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List of Ex-Directors

Dr. Mukhtar Singh

An Eminent Agronomist and Soil Water Management Scientist

Director from 11-01-1965 to 28-04-1969

Dr. M.L. Magoon

The renowned Cytogeneticist

Director from 10-06-1970 to 26-09-1976

Dr. B.D. Patil

An Eminent Agrostologist and Forage Breeder

Director from 14-07-1975 to 13-07-1985

Dr. Panjab Singh

A Distinguished Agronomist

Director from 06-01-1986 to 22-10-1994

Dr. Bhag Mal

A Distinguished Forage Breeder

Director from 01-01-1996 to 03-04-1998

Dr. P.S. Tomar

A Distinguished Forage Agronomist

Director from 04-04-1998 to 31-12-1999

Dr. P.S.Pathak

An Eminent Scientist of Agroforestry And Economic Botany

Director from 26-07-2000 to 31-01-2006

Dr. K.A. Singh

An eminent Agronomist

Director from 01-02-2006 to 19-08-2011

Dr. P. K. Ghosh

An Eminent Agronomist

Director from 16-08-2012 to 15-08-2017

Dr. Amaresh Chandra

An Eminent Scientist of Plant Biochemistry

Director from 28-04-2021 to 31-12-2023