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IGFRI Library Unit

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About the IGFRI Library

The Institute has a dedicated Library on Grassland & Forage crops which possesses a vast collection of literature on Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Extension, Agronomy & Crop Science, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Seed Science. The foreign and national periodicals are subscribed to keep track of the current scientific/ technical developments the world over. Besides, there are books and back volumes of journals, bulletins, CD-ROMs, and reprints. The Library also provides Internet browsing, old documents, reference literature and photocopying services facility to the, scientists and research workers of IGFRI and other sister Institutes, SAUs and other research organizations. The plan and policies for the major procurements and management issues of library are monitored by LAC (Library Advisory Committee).

The Institute Library is using “KOHA Library Management” software.

Online Journals (e-journals)

IGFRI is a member of CeRA consortium (consortium for    e-resources in Agriculture), which is IP based service.Library is providing online full text download facility of research articles from over ~2658 journals of different publication houses viz. Taylor & Francis, Springer, ISTA, Science Direct, CSIRO (Australia), and Elsevier science etc. All these are through Consortium for e-resources in Agriculture (CeRA). Under the CeRA IGFRI library is providing the document delivery services to the other CeRA members users.

The Library has built up a good collection of books in Hindi. Books on various subjects as well as books on literature in Hindi. Books in Hindi are prominently kept in separate rack to promote

The library remains open from to on regular working days except on Saturdays, Sundays and other Gazetted holidays

Access to Library

  1. All staff members RA, SRA and Young Professional working at this Institute are eligible to use the library facilities.
  2. Books are issued on and after they are enrolled as a member of the library.
  3. Outside research workers belonging to other Institutes / SAUs are allowed to use the library with prior permission of the concerned Institute. However, books are not to be issued to them.
  4. Every person who enters the library his to sign in the register kept at gate as token of his / her acceptance to adhere to the library rules.
  5. The users are issued books as per their entitlements

List of library holdings are as under:

HoldingTotal Collection
Books  (including Hindi books)11004
Periodical subscribed (Indian)18
Bound back volumes of research journals6548
Dissertation –M.Sc.252
Thesis- Ph.D.85
Digitized Books20
CD- ROM (CAB, AGRIS and Agricola Database)88


Following News Papers and Magazines are subscribing in the library

English Newspapers

  1. The Indian Express
  2. The HINDU

Hindi Newspapers

  1. Amar Ujala
  2. Daink Jagaran

English Magazines

  1. Pratiyogita Darpan
  2. Yojna
  3. Kurukshetra
  4. Frontline Magazine

Hindi Magazines

  2. Yojna
  3. Kurushetra