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JHANSI – 284 003 INDIA
Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU)/ Intellectual Property Right (IPR Cell)

At ICAR-IGFRI, the ITMU is established to taking care all the cases/ procedure related to Intellectual Property (IP) as per ICAR guidelines for “Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/ Commercialization” w.e.f. Oct 2, 2006. The detailed guidelines for the functions of ITMU is available on the ICAR website ( Functions of ITMU are guided by ahigh powered committee i.e. ITMC which takes the final decision on commercialization of technologies generated at the Institute. Compositions of the committees are:

Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC)
iconDr. Pankaj Kaushal, Director – Chairman
iconDr. V. K. Yadav Project Coordinator (FCU) – Member
iconDr. Sadhna Pandey, Head, SS Division- Member
iconDr. D.R. Palsaniya, Head, CP Division- Member
iconDr. Shahid Ahmed, Head, CI Division- Member
iconDr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Head, FMPHT Division- Member
iconDr. Purushottam Sharma, Head, PAR Division- Member
iconDr. A.K. Shukla, Head, GSM Division- Member
iconDr. A.K Singh Head, ST Division- Member
iconDr. Sultan Singh, PS & I/c PME
iconDr. RV Kumar PS (PC Unit)- Member Secretary

Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU)

ITMU work under the guidance of ITMC and take care about execution part of the decision taken in the ITMC meetings besides takingaction on regular affairs related to IPR and technology commercialization. Present ITMU committee are as follows:

iconDr. V.K. Yadav, Project Coordinator (FCU) – Chairman
iconDr. K.K. Singh, Principal Scientist, PAR Division – Co-PI
iconDr. RV Kumar, Principal Scientist (PC Unit) – Co-PI
iconDr. Tejveer Singh, Sr. Scientist, CI Division – Co-PI
iconDr. Kamini, Scientist, GSM Division  – Co-PI

Major Accomplishments:

  • Patents Filed

iconA Soil Core Sampler Assembly

  • App No. 202011051769
  • Date of filing: 27/11/2020
  • Patent Granted

iconA Machine for Defluffing of Fluffy Seeds

  • App No. 202011054751
  • Date of filing 16/12/2020
  • Published in IPO Journal

iconATractor Operated Grass Seed Harvesting Apparatus

  • App No. 202111005041
  • Date of filing: 05/02/2021
  • Patent Granted

iconA Process for Isolation of Non-Steroidal, Anti-Inflammatory Compound from Anogeissus pendula

  • App No.: 202211041235
  • Date of Filing: 22/07/2022
  • Published in IPO Journal

iconA Soil Core Sampler Assembly with Core Splits

  • App No.: 202211000949
  • Date of filing: 07/01/2022
  • Published in IPO Journal

iconMechanical Device for Chemical Coating of Forage Seeds

  • Reference number: 3899IN130

iconA Process for Preparation of Nutrigel

  • App No. 202411026275
  • Date of filing:   29/03/2024

iconAn Apparatus for the Preparation of Smoke Water

  • Reference number: 3899IN132

iconA Novel phyto-chemical compound from the extract of Fodder Tree –Anogeissus    pendula Edgew

  • Reference number: 3899IN133

Technologies  Under Commercialization


Non- Exclusive Licensing/ Commercialization of Machines

  • Defluffing Machine
  • Grass Seed Pelleting Machine
  • Forage Seed Coating Machine

Machines Available for Licensing

  • Tractor Operated Grass seed harvester
  • Manual Straw Handler
  • Compact Feed Pellet Making Machine
  • Defluffing Machine
  • Grass Seed Pelleting Machine
  • Forage Seed Coating Machine

iconForage Varieties

Non- Exclusive Licensing /Commercialization of Forage Varieties

  • BXN Hybrid Varieties: Hybrid-3 Napier (Swetika-1) and BN Hybrid: IGFRI-6
  • Berseem : JHB 17-2 (Bundel Berseem-5)
  • Oat: Bundel Jai-822 (JHO 822)
  • Guinea Grass: Dharwad Guinea Grass-1 (DGG-1)
  • Fodder Cowpea Variety:  IGFRI –DC-215

Varieties Available for Licensing

  • Berseem Varieties: Wardan (S-99-1), Bundel  Berseem 2 (JHB-146), Bundel  Berseem 3 (JHBT-96-4), JBSC-1,  Bundel Berseem-6 (JHB17-1), Bundel Berseem-5 (JHB17-2), Bundel Berseem-7 (JHB 18-1)
  • Oat Varieties: Budel Jai- 822 (JHO-822), Budel Jai-99-2 (JHO 99-2), Budel Jai-99-1 (JHO 99-1), Budel Jai 2004 (JHO 2000-4), Budel Jai 2010-1 (JHO 2010-1), Budel Jai  2012-2 (JHO 2012-2), Budel Jai  2015-1 (JHO 2015-1)
  • Fodder Cowpea Variety: IGFRI-DC-215
  • Guinea Grass Variety: Dharwad Guinea Grass-1 (DGG-1)
  • Bajra Squamulatum Hybrid: Bundel Bajra Squamulatum Hybrid (BBSH-1)
  • BXN Hybrid Varieties:  Hybrid-3 Napier (Swetika-1) and IGFRI-6

iconProduct Available for Licensing

  • Total Mixed Ration (TMR) for Commercial Goat Production

iconTraining/Workshop/Seminar/Industry Meet Organized (2023-2024)

  • Forage Technology Exhibition cum Industry Meet organized at ICAR-Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute, Jhansi in collaboration IP & TM Unit ICAR, New Delhi, AICRP (FCU), ICAR-IGFRI, Jhansi and Agrinnovate India Ltd., New Delhi during 12-13 February, 2024 to create awareness about technologies and varieties developed at ICAR-IGFRI, Jhansi and at different centres of AICRP (Forage Crops). In the event 25 important private seed companies, farm machineries and startups and about 20 entrepreneurs along with scientists of 07AICRP (Forage Crops) centres and adjoining institutes/ universities also participated in the progamme.

iconTraining cum Awareness programme was organized at ICAR- Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute, Jhansi on 13th March, 2023.

iconTraining Programme cum Workshop on Intellectual Property: Farmers Rights and Protection on 16th March, 2023.RRS (IGFRI), Dharwad.

iconCelebration programme of “World Intellectual property day” was organized with the annual theme “Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity” was organized at ICAR- IGFRI, Jhansi on 26th April 2023.