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JHANSI – 284 003 INDIA
Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU)/ Intellectual Property Right (IPR Cell)

At ICAR-IGFRI, the ITMU is established to taking care all the cases/ procedure related to Intellectual Property (IP) as per ICAR guidelines for “Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/ Commercialization” w.e.f. Oct 2, 2006. The detailed guidelines for the functions of ITMU is available on the ICAR website ( Functions of ITMU are guided by ahigh powered committee i.e. ITMC which takes the final decision on commercialization of technologies generated at the Institute. Compositions of the committees are:

Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC)
iconDr. Amaresh Chandra, Director – Chairman
iconDr. V. K. Yadav Project Coordinator (FCU) – Member
iconDr. Manju Suman, Head, SS Division- Member
iconDr. S.K. Rai, Head, CP Division- Member
iconDr. P N Dwivedi, Head, FMPHT Division- Member
iconDr. J P Singh, Head, GSM Division- Member
iconDr. K K Singh, Head, PAR Division- Member
iconDr. K K Dwivedi, Head CI Division- Member
iconDr. A.K Singh Head, ST Division- Member
iconDr. Sultan Singh I/c PME
iconDr. Tejveer Singh- Member Secretary

Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU)

ITMU work under the guidance of ITMC and take care about execution part of the decision taken in the ITMC meetings besides takingaction on regular affairs related to IPR and technology commercialization. Present ITMU committee are as follows:

iconDr. Tejveer Singh – Chairman
iconDr. Anup Kumar – Member
iconDr. Manjangouda S.S – Member Secretary
iconDr. Amit K Patil – Member
iconDr. Sheeraz Salim Bhatt RRS- Srinagar – Member
iconMr. H.S. Meena RRS- Avikanagar- Member
iconMr. Surendra Paul RRS- Palampur- Member
iconMr. RamyaSridevi RRS- Dharwad -Member

Major Accomplishments: 

  • Patents Filed 

     Manual Soil Core Sampler 

  • App No. 202011051769
  • Date of filing: 27/11/2020

   Grass Seed De-fluffing Machine 

  • App No. 202011054751
  • Date of filing 16/12/2020

Tractor Operated Grass Seed Harvester 

  • App No. 202111005041
  • Date of filing: 05/02/2021 

A Process for Isolation of Non-Steroidal, Anti-Inflammatory Compound from Anogeissus pendula 

  • App No.: 202211041235
  • Date of Filing: 22/07/2022
  • ICAR-IGFRI Technologies for Licensing 


  • Tractor Operated Grass seed harvester
  • Manual Straw Handler
  • Compact Feed Pellet Making Machine


  • Berseem Single Cut Variety: JBSC-1
  • Berseem Multi-Cut Variety: JHB17-1
  • Berseem Multi-Cut Variety: JHB17-2
  • Berseem Multi Cut Variety: JHB 18-1
  • Oat Single Cut Variety : JHO 2010-1
  • Oat Single Cut Variety: JHO 2012-2
  • Oat Single Cut Variety: JHO 2015-1
  • Fodder Cowpea Variety: IGFRI-DC-215
  • Guinea Grass Variety: DGG-1