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Farm Machinery and Post Harvest Technology Division

Mandate of the Division

  • Design, development and evaluation of farm machinery and implements for forage crops.
  • Design, development and evaluation of post harvest processing techniques for efficient utilization, conservation and value enrichment of forage produce including seed processing.
  • Development and evaluation of soil and moisture conservation techniques and structures for increasing production and productivity of range lands.
  • Development of structures and processes for utilization of non-conventional energy sources and energy management in forage crops.

Thrust Areas

  • Development and evaluation of farm machinery for forage production and post-harvest processing.
  • Post-harvest practices for grasses, crop residues and forages and its nutritional and feeding evaluation.
  • Processing and storage of fodder and grass seeds.
  • Soil and water conservation practices for forage crops.

Working Groups

  • Farm Machinery and Implements
  • Post-Harvest Technology
  • Energy Management
  • Soil and water conservation

On-going Projects

  • CRSCIGFRIIL20150601xxxxx Design and development of tractor operated grass seed harvester
  • Duration: 2015 – 2021
  • PI: CS Sahay
  • CoPIs: DS Thorat, PK Pathak
  • AICRP on FIM: PFT and FLD of improved farm machinery and implement in selected region of the country
  • PI: CS Sahay
  • CoPIs: Amit Kumar Patil
  • CRSCIGFRISIL20180601xxxxx Development and evaluation of defluffing machine and pelleting machine for forage grass seeds
  • Duration: 2018 – 2021
  • PI: SK Singh
  • CoPIs : PK Pathak, CS Sahay
  • CRSCIGFRISIL20190603xxxxx Development of evaporative cooling based hydroponic fodder production unit for semi – arid region
  • Duration : 2019-2022
  • PI: SK Singh
  • CoPIs : Amit Kumar Patil, PK Pathak and Gourendra Gupta
  • CRSCIGFRISIL20190602xxxxx Development of forage-based feed for commercial goat farming
  • Duration : 2019-2023
  • PI: PN Dwivedi
  • CoPIs : P K Pathak and Amit Kumar Patil
  • CRSCIGFRISIL20190604xxxxx Design and development of Solar powered self-propelled multipurpose machine for agricultural operations Duration : 2019-2022
  • PI: CS Sahay
  • CoPIs: G Prabhu and Amit Kumar Patil
  • CRSCIGFRISIL20190605xxxxx Development of automatic seed coating machine
  • Duration : 2019-2023
  • PI: Amit Kumar Patil
  • CoPIs : CS Sahay and SK Singh

Major Accomplishments

  • A. Machine/Implements Developed
  • Berseem – Chicory Seed Separator
  • Berseem Seed Drill
  • Evaporative Cooled Hydroponic Fodder Production System
  • Evacuated Tube Hay Making Solar Dryer
  • Drying Racks/Structures for Hay Making
  • Forage Harvesters
  • Grass Seed Defluffing Machine
  • Grass Seed Collector
  • IGFRI Rotary Disc Mower
  • IGFRI Pod Plucker
  • IGFRI Feed Pellet Making Machine
  • IGFRI Densifying Machine
  • Low-cost Check Dam in ram Madi Watershed at CR Farm of IGFRI
  • Mixed Cropping Enabled Seed Drill
  • Tractor drawn Irrigation Channel -cum- Bund Former
  • Tyre based Seed Pelletizer
  • Seed Drill cum Boom Sprayer
  • Manual Feed Block Making Machine
  • B. Process/Products developed
  • Complete Feed Blocks
  • Subabool Leaf Meal
  • Stylo Leaf Meal
  • Roughage based Feed Pellets
  • Subabool Charcoal
  • Subabool Charcoal pellets
  • Seed Pellets for Grasses and forages
  • Stylo Stem Meal
  • Hay Making
  • C. Concepts/Designs Developed
  • Fodder Bank
  • Mechanized collection of Grass Seeds
  • Forage-based Feed for Commercial Goat farming
  • Greenhouse Dryer for Cold Climatic Regions
  • Automatic seed coating machine
  • Semi-Automatic Grass Pelleting Machine
  • Sieve standardization for Stylo Seed Cleaning
  • Methodology for the separation of true seeds from Fluffy Grass Seeds
  • Specific Design of Seed drills for fine fodder seeds
  • CAP Fodder Storage Structure
  • 1000 animals-based Fodder Storage Plan
  • Solar Power Operated Multipurpose Tool Carrier
  • D. Public Support
  • Drought Relief to the animals in Jhansi, Lalitpur and Jalaun Districts
  • Flood Relief to the Animals in the Kosi Flood Affected Area of Saharasa District in Bihar

Heads of Farm Machinery & Post Harvest Technology Division Since Inception of the IGFRI, Jhansi

S.No. Name Designation Date Photograph
Dr Jai Singh,
Dr Jai Singh
Sectional In-charge
August 16, 1967 – September, 1969
September, 1969 – September 15, 1991

Dr Purushottam Das Gupta
September 16, 1991 – December, 1998
Dr Devi Singh Rajput
April 2005 – August 19, 2007

Dr Purushottam Das Gupta
April 2005 – August 19, 2007

Dr Kumar Amrendra Singh
Holding the charge as Head w.e.f. August 19, 2007 – March 12, 2009
Dr Prabha Kant Pathak
Dr Prabha Kant Pathak
Head (Act.)
March 13, 2009 – May 22, 2011
May 23, 2011 – Continue

Staff of FMPHT Division

S.No. Name Designation Photograph
Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh
Principal Scientist & Head (Agricultural Structure & Process Engineering)

Dr Prabha Kant Pathak
Principal Scientist (Agricultural Structure & Process Engineering)

Er Bholuram Gurjar
Scientist (Farm Machinery & Power) – on Study Leave

Er Amit Kumar Patil
Scientist (Farm Machinery & Power)

Er. Ajay N. Satpute
Scientist (Land & Water Management Engg)

Sri Dheeraj Kumar Dhingra
Technical Officer (T-5)

Sri Haider Ali
Technical Officer (T-5)