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Dr. R.V. Kumar

Principal Scientist
(Plant Breeding)

Academic Qualification

Designation with Discipline


Place of Posting

IGFRI, Jhansi

EPBX with Ext No: 245



Awards and Recognitions

Present Area of work
Exploration, characterization, evaluation and maintenance of PGRs in arable forage crops, range grasses and legumes along with non conventional forages Generating need based new breeding materials for different agro-climatic situations and systems Development of superior varieties of multi-cut and dual purpose type with acceptable quality and resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses Intensification of research on range grasses and legumes and rangeland improvement in the less privileged NEH and hilly regions in Himalayas Forage Technology Demonstration in different agro-climatic regions Breeder seed production in different forage crop varieties Development of dual purpose forage sorghum variety

No. of Research Articles, Published in Referred

Journals/Academic achievements