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Dr Anoop Kumar Dixit

Principal Scientist (Agronomy)

Academic Qualification

Designation with Discipline

Principal Scientist (Agronomy)

Place of Posting

Division of Crop Production, IGFRI Jhansi

EPBX with Ext No: 0510-2730908-21



Awards and Recognitions

Present Area of work
Developing tillage rotation concept in fodder-food cropping system.
Resource management techniques in fodder-food cropping system. Development of agro-techniques for the cultivation of Chaya (Cnidoscolus aconitifolius).
Fodder based Contingent crop planning under aberrant weather situations.
Nutrient management in perennial fodder based cropping system for sustainable production.
Development of organic feeding system for organic milk production.

No. of Research Articles, Published in Referred

Journals/Academic achievements