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Crop Improvement Division (फसल सुधार विभाग)

The Division was established in 1967 with an aim to utilize exotic and indigenous genetic resources through breeding and selection for improving the forage productivity and nutritive value of different cultivated and pasture species from different agro-climatic regions in India. Fodder crop improvement involves multi-disciplinary integrated approach for development of high yielding varieties as well as developing materials and information through strategic and basic research. Main fodder crops include cultivated dual purpose cereal/grain crops, annual legumes, as well as perennial grasses (cultivated/rainfed) and range legumes.


icon Collection, evaluation, characterization, documentation and conservation of forage genetic resources.

icon Development of high yielding nutritive varieties, tolerant to biotic and abiotic stress and suitable for different agro- climatic conditions.

icon Basic research relevant to forage crop improvement.

Thrust Areas:

icon Collection, characterization, utilization and conservation of forage plant genetic resources of grasses & legumes, wild relatives of cultivated crops especially from problem areas.

icon Development of high yielding, nutritive forage varieties tolerant to biotic and abiotic stresses.

icon Identification and utilization of molecular markers for desirable traits such as apomixis, disease tolerance, drought and salinity tolerance and development of transgenics.

icon Physiological and biochemical studies on abiotic stress such as moisture, heat, salinity and light in forage crops.

icon Micro-organisms/ pest diversity and their eco-friendly management.

Facilities Available:

icon A well-equipped Bio-technology and molecular biology laboratory with Flow cytometer, Gene sequencer, PCR and RT-PCR, Gel documentation system, Spectro-photometer, water purification system, Stereozoom, Dissecting, Florescent and Differential Interference Contrast Microscopes, Deep freezers, Laminar flow, Grasses and legumes Tissue culture facility

icon Plant protection laboratory

icon DUS testing laboratory with nutritional quality testing instruments

icon Net Houses, Fly proof-Net house, and Glasshouses

Major working groups:

icon Plant Genetic Resources

icon Plant Breeding

icon Biotechnology and Biochemistry

icon Plant Protection