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Crop Improvement Division (List of On-Going Project)

Year 2013 – 2014
Project CodeProject TitleRPF – 1
CI 1Collection, evaluation and maintenance of genetic resources of forage cropsRPF-1
CI 1.6Enrichment, evaluation, conservation and documentation of genetic resources of perennial forage grassesRPF-1
CI 2Production and quality breeding in cereal fodders 
CI 2.6Genetic improvement of sorghum under different use patternsRPF-1
CI 2.7Development of dual purpose maizeRPF-1
CI 2.8Development of high yielding dual and multicut fodder oatsRPF-1
CI 2.9Development of pearl millet and bajra-napier hybrid for high biomass productionRPF-1
CI 2.10Genetic improvement of barley for forage and grain yieldRPF-1
CI 2.11Genetic improvement of dual purpose stay green pearl milletRPF-1
CI 3Breeding superior varieties of cultivated fodder legumes 
CI 3.8Genetic improvement in fodder cowpea, Vigna ungiculata with special reference to resistance to pestsRPF-1
CI 3.10Genetic improvement of berseem for root rot resistance, late maturity and biomassRPF-1
CI 4Breeding superior varieties of pasture species for yield and persistance 
CI 4.5Genetic improvement of guinea grass for higher biomass production and tolerance to abiotic stressesRPF-1
CI 5Cytogenetic studies in forage and pasture species 
CI 5.4Basic studies on apomixis and generation of cytogenetic stocks in Pennisetum and Panicum agamic complexRPF-1
CI 6Genetic improvement of forage species through biotechnological methods 
CI 6.7Identification of molecular markers for apomixis /sexuality in Cenchrus ciliarisRPF-1
CI 6.8Development of molecular markers database in forage grasses with special reference to stress responsive EST-SSRsRPF-1
CI 6.9Identification of functional markers for drought tolerance in Pearl milletRPF-1
CI 7Physiological and biochemical studies in forage crop improvement 
CI 7.11Biochemical and molecular approach for characterization of drought tolerant forage SorghumRPF-1
CI 8Studies on disease, insect pests and nematodes and their management for increased forage production 
CI 8.20Integrated disease management for root rot and dry rot in cowpeaRPF-1
CI 8.23Exploration of resistant mycoflora of root and stem rot patho system and development of suitable formulation for disease management in berseemRPF-1
CI 8.24Integrated Pest Management in intensive forage Production SystemRPF-1
CI 8.25Management of nematodes and fungal pathogens associated with root rot complex of cowpeaRPF-1
CI 8.26Management of nematodes and fungal pathogens associated with root rot of cowpeaRPF-1
CI 8.27Collection and characterization of bio-diversity in insect pests, pathogens and nematodes of fodder cropsRPF – 1