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  • Prominent weeds and their management in berseem seed production
  • Grasslands of Himachal Pradesh
  • 10 Years of RRS Srinagar
  • Compilation of Improved Varieties of Forage Crops developed by IGFRI (in Hindi)
  • E-Publication_Hindi Tech Bulletin
  • Final_MGMG Bulletin 04.06.2020
  • Spineless Cactus Tamil
  • Spineless Cactus Oriya
  • Spineless Cactus Kannad
  • Sixty Successful Technologies @ 60 years of ICAR-IGFRI
  • Major Flora of IGFRI, Jhansi
  • Indigenous Technical Knowledge on Fodder, Livestock and Weather for Climate Resilient Agriculture
  • Hardwickia bulletin