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Agriculture Technology Information Centre (ATIC)

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iconPrice list IGFRI 2015-16 Dated 03-08-2015
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Kissan Call Centre at ATIC Telephonic enquiry using
Tel. No.: 0510-2730241

Contact Us

Nodal Officer, ATIC
Indian Grassland and Fodder
Research Institute
Jhansi 284003
Phone: 0510-2730241
Fax: 0510-2730833

The ATIC is working at IGFRI since Jan. 2013. The objective of establishment of ATIC, in general are

iconTo provide diagnostic services for soil and water testing, plant and livestock health;
iconTo supply research products such as seeds and other planting materials, livestock related, from the institution for testing and adaptation by various clientele;
iconTo provide information through published literature and communication materials as well as audio-visual aids ;
iconTo generate some resource through the sale of their technologies /products.
During this year following activities were undertaken :

iconProduct sale ” Sale and distribution of literature (Rs.34095=00).
iconSale of institute’s products such as seed, root-slips or any other planting material (Rs. 29737=00).
iconSale of value added fodder products (Rs. 534=00).
iconThe total revenue generated through ATIC was Rs. 64, 366 during 2013-14.
iconDiagnostic services with help of concerned Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL)

Advisory services :

iconVisits: The 758 visitors visit was conducted by ATIC during the period, which includes farmers, government organizations, NGO, private companies officials etc. and were exposed to the technologies of IGFRI, Jhansi.
icon Kisan Call Centre: The hundred and nine phone calls, seven postal and nine email queries were made were made by the farmers, dairy owners, land developers, government organizations and private companies for asking their problems. and replied.
icon Farmers Scientific Co-ordination committee meets every Wednesday, during which the queries of farmers, dairy owners, land developers, government organizations and private companies are replied.
icon Publications: The ATIC published pumphlets (22) and leaflets (08).
List of available products and their price for sale

S. No. Products / technologies Price
1 Area specific mineral mixture Rs. 65 / kg
2 Semen straws from Bhadawari buffaloes Rs. 10 / dose
3 Grass bales Rs. 300/ q
4 Feed pellets Rs. 16/ kg
5 Vermi-compost and Rs. 7.0 / kg
6 Earthworms Rs. 200 / kg
7 Subabool leaf meal Rs. 12 / kg
Activities of ATIC, IGFRI

icon Sale and distribution of literature
icon Sale of institute’s products such as seed, root-slips or any other planting material.
icon Sale of value added fodder products
icon To conduct visits of farmers or any other clients
icon Exhibition of technologies in ATIC compound. ¢ Diagnostic services with help of concerned CAL
icon To conduct farmers visits

Advisory services

icon Objective of ATIC, IGFRI
icon Single Window Approach for the farmer.

Scientific Advisory Committee for Farmers at ATIC

On every Wednesday at 11.30 am following scientific advisory committee is available for farmers at ATIC
S. No. Subject Name of the Scientist
1 Agronomy Dr. A.K.Dixit / Dr. D. Palsania
2 Plant Protection Dr. R.B.Bhaskar / Dr. H.V. Singh
3 Plant Breeding Dr. V.K.Yadav / Dr. Ashutosh Mall
4 Veterinary Medicine Dr. S.B.Maity / Dr. R.K Verma
5 LPM Dr. P.Sharma / Dr. S.B.Maity
6 Agril. Extension Dr. Satyapriya
7 Home Science Dr. Sadhna Pandey
8 Horticulture Dr. Sunil Seth
9 Agril. Engg. Dr. C.S. Sahay
Economics Benefits of Fodder Crops/ Seeds

icon Economics of Berseem Seed Production
icon Economics of Dinanath Grass Seed Production
icon Economics of Oat Seed Production

English Publications

iconSoil Biodiversity under Forage Production System
iconBundelkhand Region Agricultural Perspective
iconWater Productivity in Forage Crops and Livestock
iconBiotechnological Approaches for forage Crops Improvement: Prospects, Achievements and Road Map
iconPhysical Hortipastural Models their Management and Evaluation
iconOrganic Feeding System For Milk and Meat Products
icon46 Foundation Day Lecture 1st Nov. 2007
icon48 Foundation day Lecture 1st Nov. 2009
icon50 Foundation day Lecture. 1st Nov. 2011
iconPost Graduate Research at IGFRI
iconIGFRI White clover Germplasm Catalogue
iconIGFRI Cowpea Germplasm Catalogue
iconIGFRI Guinea Grass Germplasm Catalogue
iconIGFRI Forage Maize Germplasm Catalogue
iconIGFRI Forage Sorghum Germplasm Catalogue
iconIGFRI Stylo Germplasm Catalogue
iconIGFRI Tryst with Destiny Golden Jubilee Publication (Avikanagar)
iconIGFRI Vision 2025
iconIGFRI Vision 2030
iconTryst with Destiny Research Initiatives for Fodder Resource Development in North Western Himalaya (J & K and HP)
iconForage Research…… Perspective Natural Resources Optimization – A Development Approach
iconAnnual Report 2010-11
iconAnnual Report 2009-10
iconAnnual Report 2007-08
iconAnnual Report 2006-07
iconNutritive value—ruminants
iconForage production technologies for arable lands
iconBhadawari buffaloes Forage crops and their management
iconForage crops varieties
iconYear at a glance 2006-07
iconYear at a glance 2008-09